Attract Women – Attract and Keep a Great Girl With Simple Seduction Techniques


Man, girls are great. Walking into a room of hot, single girls is every guys dream; as it was mine. As a matter of fact, I have got a girl massaging me as I type this. I am not kidding either.

It is great being in a relationship with an incredible girl at your side. It may seem hard to get girl like I’m talking about, but it isn’t at all. I used to be the kind of guy who sat on the couch and waited days to call a girl…and it took even longer and karachi girls was more embarrassing just to get that number.

Now, I am typing this because I want to help you. This article is not for your entertainment, it is your guide to having a love life like I do. This is a small guide for getting a great, attractive, wonderful girl. I did my research and have some nice tips that have changed my life I would like to show you:

1) First off, take a shower; a long shower. Clean yourself up really well. Girls love it when a man is nice and clean and smells good. While you’re at it, why not look good, too? Get a shirt and a nice tie, but do not dress up like you are getting married. Use your best judgement. Trust me, it made me look like an idiot wearing the wrong clothes at the wrong time. Gel your hair up, put on your special cologne and put on a great smile. Go out and start talking to that girl you have been dreaming to date then call her!

2) Next, speaking of smiling, I suggest you do that a lot. Well, don’t do it too much like you are about to rip her clothes off, or you jut won millions of dollars… that is kind of creepy. Just give a nice grin every once in a while. I doubt any girl wants to see a depressed looking scrooge. Show those beautiful teeth of yours… come on, let them shine!

3) Last, do your research. Find out what girls like. I can tell you a couple things that girls like. Girls like when you pay for the first date, maybe she will do the same the next. Kiss her on the cheek the first night, well it depends if the date went great, which I think would if you did your research. Keep your eyes UP, yeah I know we all want to know what’s beneath those clothes but for now… keep your head out of the gutters.

After using some of these tips, I guarantee you will get any girl you want. Your date will go fine. Soon enough a girl will be messaging YOUR back and shoulders. Instead of you chasing girls, they will do it to you!

Come on… don’t be afraid, get up and talk to a girl!

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