Best Bollywood Movies of 2009


bollywood Movies have been an absolute attraction for cinema lovers not just in India but all around the globe and the success of these movies can be seen at the box office reports or even at the international film awards like Oscars; where a Bollywood movie won the best movie of the year. With near around 100 mainstream Bollywood movies released in year 2009, it was quite a treat for the movie junkies. With comparison to past year, in 2009 most of the movies did well at the box office, few of which are listed in order of total grossing. A movie by Rajkumar Hirani featuring Aamir Khan, R Kissasian. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi as Idiots and Kareena Kapoor as the love of character Phunshuk Wangdu. The story is inspired by one of the bestselling novels “Fivepoint Someone” by Chetan Bhagat and later landed in controversy for not providing enough credit to the author. The movie is a story about 3 engineering students who come close and share a strong bond during their stay at the hostel. After graduating they split apart and are not to be traced; however with the help of another character “Chatur” who plays a comic in the movie; the three unite but only after multiple twists and secrets unfolding.Warm Time With You Episode 13 English Sub at KissAsian - Paidnaija

The movie is hilarious and touchy at the same time, credit of which goes to the modified script from the novel. All the actors and characters have done justice to the role and the end product is simply superb! A must watch for all the FANs. The movie is to be officially released on YouTube and will be the first Bollywood movie which can be legally downloaded for free.A movie by dancing sensation Prabhu Deva featuring Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia, The movie is a remake of a Telegu movie Pokkiri which was a super hit down south. The movie has a very small script and few peppy songs, it is a story of a gangster falling in love with a pretty girl Jhanvi (Played by Ayesha).

Drama enriches when the secret is unfold that Salama is actually a Police inspector and not a notorious gangster. The movie can be termed the best special effect supported action movie of all time in Bollywood and sets a good platform for future action movies to be. Wanted has grossed more tha 200 Crs and still looks good to make many by sale of CDs and special screenings. A movie by Hou Hsiao-Hsien featuring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone is a movie based on values of love and relationship in the modern world. Throughout the movie there is a constant comparison of love in times; with flashback of love life in yester years and the modern day.

Saif and Deepika are in a love kind of relationship but fail to realize/accept it and do not want to commit as they don’t want to tie each other with terms like “love” or marriage. With different events unfolding and a country wide separation makes both of them realize the bond they share and want it back. Saif takes the first few steps and fails as Deepika is all set to marry someone who seems to be perfect match for her although she is not sure about the love part. After marriage Deepika reliazes that she has made a big mistake and wants to go back to Saif with humble consent from her husband.

However Deepika fails to convey her message to Saif and after multiple twists and many years they get in touch with each other just to realize that love had never changed for them and love is something which grows stronger with time and never fades away. A movie by Rajkumar Santoshi featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif and a special appearance by Salman Khan. The story is about a worthless guy falling in love with girl who in turn loves someone else. Drama unfolds when the girls parent want her to get her married to anoter guy without her wish and Ranbir Kapoor who is in ove with her helps her run away with the guy she loves, although the guy never shows up and Ranbir and Katrina meet again. It is a typical Bollywood movie with peppy numbers, funny gags, hilarious events and lot of sentiments. Katrina Kaif has done an “ok” job in movie as compared to Ranbir Kapoor around whom the entire movie script is built.A Movie by Kabir Khan featuring John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and Irrfan Khan Is a story of three Indians who got affected by the events folding after 9/11. John Abraham plays a role of a Muslim who is jailed and tortured after being a suspect in the 9/11 case, along with 1500 others. After six months or brutal torture he is found innocent and released but that has left scar in his memories and he starts a real terror organization to take revenge of been assaulted devoid of a reason. Neil Mukesh plays a comprehensive part in the movie and helps to get John back on track and give away all the feelings of avenges.

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