Five Top Basketball Shooting Drills


Shooting a basketball is a perfected form of art so it only makes sense that there are plenty of basketball shooting drills available for you to practice. There is nothing like the empty sound of a perfect “swish” so it is important to embark on learning the top basketball drills so that you are prepared with the right shot in any circumstance.

Free Throw Drills

One of the most important basketball shooting drills is the free throw. Standing from the free throw line, you need to practice shooting until you can make 10 baskets in a row without missing one. Games often depend on the free throw shot so while it may be one of the easiest shots to make it is all necessary to be able to make the shot every time.

Bank Shot Drills

Standing underneath a basket at a position where you can still make a bank shot, perform a minimum of 50 shots. It is a simple drill which is why it is often overlooked but it is important for building strength in your arm. High repetitions also allow you to square up for the shot properly, with good form naturally without applying much thought. The goal with bank shot drills is to get as far as you can under the basket yet still be able to make the shot during the basketball game.

Shooting Form Drills

To be an exceptional shooter, you must have solid form. To perform this يلا شوت  basketball shooting drill, you will stand a couple of feet away from the basket and off to one side. Shoot the ball using perfect form, keeping your elbow in, ball resting on your fingertips and complete your follow through to achieve a good backspin. Rebound and shoot again approximately 15 times before moving to the other side of the basket. When you have completed 15 shots on each side, step back a couple more feet and repeat again. The key to this basketball drill is to consciously be aware of every element of your shooting form and to try to keep the same form for every shot that you take.

Quick Shot Drills

To be a great shooter in basketball, you must be able to have a quick shot release while under pressure, especially in the final minute of a close basketball game. Many basketball games are won or lost because a player could not get a shot off quickly before the defense collapsed around them.

Quick shot basketball shooting drills allows you to improve your ability to take the pressure shot in the game when the defense is closing in. It doesn’t matter where on the basketball court that you shoot from, the larger variety and range of shots, the better. What does matter in quick shot basketball shooting drills is that you release the ball quicker than normal. Concentrate on the speed of the release process but do not compromise your shooting form. The quicker that you can get set into your shooting position and get the shot off accurately will pay big dividends during your next game.

Fake-a-Shot Drills

There are times in every basketball game when faking a shot will pay off. There is always going to be that situation when you are going to catch a pass, then immediately go for the jump shot and these shots usually come at crucial points in the game. Of course, the fake shot in basketball is important but you also need to be able to actually shoot the basketball and make the shot at the end of the move. To perform this drill, toss the ball to yourself and when you catch it you will pull it in close to your body. Perform a solid fake, dribble once to get around your imaginary opponent and come to a solid, balanced stop and go for the your jump shot. Practice this shooting drills five times on the right side and then five times on the left side and then move to a different position on the court.


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