How to Make a Girl Fall in Love Over the Phone


Phone calls are completely different from talking to a girl in person. Since you can’t show body language your words become 10x more important. Being rejected over the phone can be devastated because you never really know what call girls in islamabad happened. You can sit and wonder for weeks what happened to the girl on the phone that never talks to you anymore.

You have to know how to talk to a woman on the phone the right way:

Timing is Everything

Never call a girl as soon as she gives you her number. You might be nervous to call, but make sure you make it timely. Waiting too long can cause a girl to lose interest. There is a perfect medium where a girl wonders where your call is and becomes anxious. A little anxiety makes a girl more interested in you because she feels less secure about your feelings for her.

Use Curiosity

After the first call, if it went well, you can use several phone strategies that work very well to get a girl interested and thinking about you. Call her and make sure you get her answering machine. Leave a message along the lines of, “Darn, you have your voice mail up! You’ll never believe what happened to me. I was on my way to…” Then hang up. This will have her super interested and ready to call you back. So what do you do once she calls back? This is really up to you. There are a few different strategies, but they become very complex and require hours of explanation. For now, just tell her it was a joke.

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