How to Name Your Cat


I’ve owned many cats and they all had their own distinct personality. It is important that a name matches a personality. With humans, it is somewhat simple. A name is chosen at birth, unfortunately often before birth, and that person is stuck with it. They may be Gertrude or Priscilla, and if that name just doesn’t work well, a nickname may naturally emerge. For example my friend Vasilike, who does not seem like she has an appropriate name at all, is commonly called Zeffo. My friend Clarence is Butch, and I can give many more examples. With cats, it’s even simpler as there is no birth certificate or formal procedures to change their name. Despite what anyone may think, a cat’s nickname is their real name.

I suggest not naming a cat until you meet it. Most cats are happy being called kitty or pussy or pussy cat until a proper name comes to you. I had a friend who named his cat Fluffy sight unseen. After a couple of months it was obvious that Fluffy wasn’t, well, Fluffy in personality or look. She is now called Roxanne and seems to love her name.

Before choosing a permanent name for your cat get to know him or her first. Keep an open mind as a cat can be named anything, even Rumplestiltskin or Beealzebub, if the name fits. Fortunately, if you get the name drastically wrong, you can change your cats name with zero formalities, and your cat won’t mind one bit.


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