Now That My Ouija Board Is Trashed, How Do I Talk To Marilyn Monroe?


Many of us grew up with the hype that Ouija Boards are evil. They are portals into Hell. The Urban Legends that Uncle Jimmy and BFF Sarah used a Ouija Board and were tormented by nasty spirits. In fear, we have thrown them in the trash. Fearing that we may turn into evil spawn, our parents have thrown our boards into the trash.

So now what? You still want to contact your grandma who recently passed and ask how she is doing. You’ve been asked to join a paranormal investigation group and look for spirits. Now you wish you still had the Ouija Board you bought with your allowance when you were twelve. You are still afraid to use one. What will you do?

Well, Spirits aren’t that picky. They are happy to use whatever tools they can to contact and even speak with you. Here are some alternatives to the Ouija Board.


You can make your own pendulum out of nothing more than an old washer and a length of string. How’s that for Green? A necklace or most any object that can be suspended from a string or chain may be used as a pendulum.

You can buy pendulums online or in stores. There are beautiful crystals pendulums available. Some coast an arm and a leg, others a dollar or two. Metals bobs from building supply stores work too. For more information read my article, How to Speak With Spirits Using a Pendulum.


There are decks of cards designed specifically to speak  monroe roofing contractor with Spirits. Among them are the Graven Images Oracle Deck and the Konxari Cards based on an ancient communication system utilized by the Egyptians and Mayans. Each deck contains a booklet of information to help you contact your relatives, or receive messages.

Table Tipping

Spiritualists have been contacting Spirits for decades with Table Tipping. Using a three-legged table, Sance participants ask Spirits to move the table in specific ways to tap, or spell out messages. If the table tips to the left, it might mean yes, or if the table taps on the floor 3 times, it might mean the letter “C” or possibly- maybe. The system depends on the Spirits contacted and the participants. A three-legged table isn’t a requirement, however. A friend of mine and her niece have very successful Mediumship sessions using a folding card table.

A pendulum can be easily slipped into a pocket for traveling to a place where you believe you are likely to contact spirits. A deck of cards slips easily into a purse or bag. The table may be more of a challenge. This same friend developed quite a noisy entourage while trying to table tip in Gettysburg National Park. Sometimes, you need privacy.

So don’t worry about your MIA Ouija Board. There are other things you can easily use to contact Spirits. Just don’t think about who may be talking in the landfills.


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