Social Media 100Seminars – How to Teach a Class That Rocks!


We recently taught a Social Media 101 Seminar at a local Chamber of Commerce. We had a sold out program and a room full of folks ready to learn how social media can help their business grow.

We’ve had requests from around the globe for a recap of what we did so it can be leveraged for other coaches, mentors and trainers. Thus the reason for this post. If you need more info. please feel free to contact me direct.

The class had a mixed audience of newbies, “sorta knows”, and “know enough to be dangerous”. There is so much fud about social media we made the decision to ensure all left knowing what social media was and how it could help their biz.

We purposely made the decision NOT to teach the details of HOW you setup a Facebook page to a later class. We had folks in the class who didn’t know the difference between a “twit and a blog” (their words) so talking FBML for Facebook would have lost them at the “FB”.

Just because class participants have a Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t mean they are experts nor that they know how to properly use them.

We wanted to set the tone as fun and ensure people felt comfortable asking the most basic question. We kicked off with a role play which included Tiara crowns for Geld verdienen met Instagram the men, slinky’s, money hungry scammers and candy. This helped everyone comfortable with each other and helped participants feel comfortable asking questions.

Tip #1: Know Your Audience
Know their business, market, knowledge of social media, marketing and technology.

Tip #2: PREPARE!
I can’t stress this enough. Know your audience, your strategy, your pitch and your content. Ensure you are prepared so that you can focus on your participants. The day is about THEM, NOT YOU and your business! Keep the focus on inspiring them to ignite the passion for their biz into new heights!

Tip #3: Set & Communicate Clear Objectives

Tip #4: Use a Variety of Mediums
Combine role play, lecture and video to keep participants engaged and learning.

Tip #5: Include Current & Compelling Statistics Showcasing the Power of Social Media

Tip #6: Start with a Role Play to Engage your Audience
Rob Zulkoski of RobZ Fitness deserves a huge pat on the back for being such a good sport in his pink Tiara! Our role play focused on the importance of authenticity and content for building profitable relationships in social media.

Tip #7: Query Your Audience about their Knowledge and Usage of Social Media.
Do this prior and during class if at all possible. See our presentation on Slide Share for an example.

Tip #8: Review Stats: Ensure they are UPDATED, RELEVANT to your AUDIENCE and COMPELLING

Tip #9: Address Barriers to Adoption (relevant to your audience).
I used a myth vs truth vs set of questions and had participants guess the answers.

Tip #10: Review Biz Benefits and methods for achieving a positive ROI (relevant to your audience)

Tip #11: Review your specific approach to social media.
If you don’t have an approach, define one. Customers and class participants will expect this level of knowledge and content.

Tip #12: As part of your “approach” to social media be sure to include goal setting, listening, measuring and executing at minimum!

Tip #13: Discuss the Importance of Social Media as PART of an INTEGRATED Marketing Program.
It is very important for people to know the best ROI is derived when social media is part of an integrated marketing, not the only medium!

Tip #14: Demo social media tools as time permits.
If you have time include a demo of a couple automation tools. This will bring smiles to the fellow geeks in the room. I’m a geek at heart so can always pick em’ out of a crowd

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