Television Shows Have Changed the Look of the OR


Designer scrubs have been making their way into many more medical facilities. Ten years ago, there was not much of a choice when it came to scrub uniforms. Now that shows like Grey’s AnatomyScrubs, and Private Practice have made their mark, so has the designer hospital uniform market. Although someone may have realized long ago that a nurse did not need to be shaped like a box in order to maintain the all-familiar trusted look, fitted medical uniforms never really caught on up until recently.

In the past five years, several scrub manufacturers have developed a line of scrubs specifically aimed to be more flattering. Still fully functional with full range of motion, the newer scrubs are made to compliment the body, rather than to hide it. The look of the scrubs has not changed so drastically that the “untrained” eye would notice the difference. But to someone who wears scrubs every day, the changes are enormous.

Many studies have been conducted on how influential the media can be. Being influenced by the media is not always detrimental. Most people know that when they look good, they feel good. When someone in the medical field gets dressed and feels great about the homeland project free tv way he or she looks, he or she may have a more positive outlook on the day. While most of the time the word ‘contagious’ is not desirable in the medical field, every now and again, something good will go around: smiles and positive feelings are often contagious. Looking good is certainly not the only way to create a positive outlook, but it definitely does not hurt.

In light of the fashionable scrubs trend, many retailers are now considering adding luxury maternity scrubs, custom-fitted nursing uniforms, and more stylish lab coats. Not only do those who sport the medical clothing feel better, but also it has been mentioned that patients are more trusting and respond better to someone who appears to be well groomed than by someone who, for lack of better words, looks like they just rolled out of bed. It looks like Isobel (Izzie) Stevens and Meredith Grey have started a healthy trend, one that certainly does not seem like it will fade away anytime soon.

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