When a Patient Has To Be Under Hospice Care


Hospice care is necessary for patients who cannot take care of themselves due to severe illnesses. It helps restore the quality of life and ease the pain during the process. Terminally ill patients do not have enough strength to do their usual routines. At most, they always need someone to attend to their needs. Putting them under hospice care greatly helps them in their state.

Putting a loved one under this service is not an easy decision. Most people think those under this program no longer have a chance of living. It is commonly referred to as “end of life care,” or the family’s last resort when the patient may not last long. Healing is still possible but what this program does is ease the suffering of the person.

Do not rush into going for hospice services. Before deciding to put your loved one into this program, you first need to see if they qualify. Here are a few things to consider.

Patient is immobile

People who are constantly battling a  hospice in altadena disease may not have enough energy to do their daily activities. This includes eating, walking, and going to the toilet. Most of them will spend most of their day in bed. To move around, they will need someone to put them on a wheelchair. Staying in the same position for long periods weakens the muscles further and develops bedsores. As these people cannot attend to themselves, someone should be willing to help them continue their daily routines.

Most family members have their own lives to take care of. They have to attend to their work or school so they cannot be left home to watch over the sick. Hospice care programs provide nurses to be with the patient 24 hours a day.

Patient needs constant medication

Most of these patients suffer from grave illnesses that worsen each day. They need to take their medicines at specific times of the day. Patients need the right nutrition now that they are unable to feed themselves. Their bodies become weaker and dependent on medication to last each day. Hospice services make sure they always take their medicine at the appropriate times.

Patient is always in pain

Terminally ill patients may experience constant pain accompanied by nausea or muscle cramps. Cancer patients in particular may become sensitive to touch in the final stages of the disease. A simple movement becomes too painful for them, which is why they would rather stay in bed. Doctors may prescribe painkillers just so they can get through the day. When sleeping and drugs are the only things that keep them from suffering, you will know it is time to accept their condition.


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