Why Choose An Online Transcription Services Company?


Let’s say you need a project transcribed. Do you hire someone as an employee full time for just that project? Do you transcribe all of it yourself and take away from your precious time? If you pay an online transcription service, it will be temporary (or until your project is completed) or you can have them do regular work, and you won’t have the need to provide benefits. The online transcription services company contracts with independent contractors (professional transcriptionists) to do the work for you, as needed.

Selecting an online transcription services company is tricky. You might search in Google or another search engine and come up with a very long list of transcription companies, so you’ll need to do some research. Visit each site and make comparisons. If you know someone who has used an online transcription service, ask them about their experience. It’s very important to make the right decision. Here are some things to look for when making your decision.

Is their website easy to read and easy to use (user-friendly)?
Is their website too “cluttered?”
Does the website answer your questions?
Compare their rates and turnaround times.
Notice their methods of payment.
Do you notice grammatical/punctuation errors?
Does the website have a copyright?
Are they easy to contact and do they list their contact info?
Have you checked forums, blogs, or articles for an opinion?
Have you checked to make sure the website is not a scam?
If they ask for ANY money at all for ANYTHING upfront, DO NOT USE THEM.
Have you checked to see what type of upload process they use for your audios?
Is their FTP transfer secure?
Make certain everything they do for you is 100% confidential.
Ask questions about their typist pool and who will be doing the work for you.
Is the work outsourced to another country? How can you be certain of that? ASK!
Do you find their customer services reps to be courteous and helpful?
Are they expedient in returning your calls or emails?
Check with the Better Business Bureau.
Check their work accuracy rate.

These are just a few of the things to take into consideration when choosing the best online transcription service for you.

Just because a transcription service might be ranked in Google on Page 1 doesn’t mean they are the best choice. ANYONE can get their site on the first page by paying a lot of money in advertising. A smaller transcription service might not have as much money to spend on advertising, but they depend on word-of-mouth advertising instead, and this only makes sense. payment reminder The only way to find out is to use the service for a small order and make the decision yourself.

They might offer you some type of incentive for using their service or a discount for volume work. Get the best deal you can for the best work they can produce for you. Customer service is very important in any type of business, but when it comes to transcription and what you pay for it, you really do want courtesy, and you also want the customer service representative to know what they’re talking about in giving you the best possible answers to your questions and helping you get started in terms you can understand. They must also be computer savvy in order to help you through the process of signing up with them and giving you instructions on how to use their service.

Your working relationship with your online transcription service choice must be pleasant and uncomplicated. The customer service representative must be personable, helpful, and understanding, always willing to help.

To that end, please do research prior to making your decision on which transcription services company to use. The above tips should help you make that decision.

Joyce Warran is the Transcription Director for Chromolume Transcription. She has extensive experience in transcription, sales, marketing, management, and business.

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